Kaomailanna Resort &  Spa

Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel
Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel Chiangmai  
Kaomai Lanna Resort is perfect for the true nature lover. Surrounded by a big, beautiful tropical garden in Chiang Mai, the resort features unique rooms converted from real tobacco curing barns and furnished with colonial style antique furniture.

50 years ago the tobacco industry in the northern part of Thailand reached its peak, and tobacco farms and curing barns flourished. But time passed and things changed. 30 years later other developments came; the tobacco curing barns faded from the northern part of Thailand, replaced by orchards and real-estate projects. Most of the barns were destroyed but it was decided that at least a few reminders from the old days should be remain. So 18 old barns were converted into 36 lively guestrooms in a peaceful garden and became known as the charming Kaomai Lanna Resort.


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