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Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel
Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel
Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel
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Sanpatong - district. An old town have been founded in the late of 7th or early 8th century AD during Hariphunchai , the former name of the city of Lumphun. Lumphun's independence era was ended in the late 13th century, when it was taken by King Mengrai and incorporated into The Lanna Kingdom.

Sanpatong local are mainly Buddhist. The northern language, culture and traditions were inherited from generations to generations. Local temple has two main functions a centre for religious and community activities and a place that embodies and safeguards the community's cultural heritage. Besides,the temples provide tranquil areas
for the children to play and adults to relax. In Sanpatong,agriculture played important role in local lives. The economic Crops are sticky rice, Jasmine Rice, Shallots and Garlic. In the past time,the locals grew the tobacco when the rice was out off the season.

Experience the serenity and charm of our authentic northern culture in Chiangmai and Lumphun. explore the distinctive cultural and natural ways of Sanpatong lives. Sanpatong folklife is a part of the 123 years of Sanpatong project' It is a co-operated work created among Sanpatong district office. Sanpatong Culture councils and Kaomai Lanna Resort. The project is to encourage and raise awareness of the locals to preserved and to inherit local culture tradition and local folk wisdom.


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