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Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel
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Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel  
Thagarn Spa -Northern & Thai Local Wisdom  
An outstanding place in a wooden house for relaxing Rejuvenating and Detoxifying. Our homestyle spa where will make you feel like home.

Among the spacious green environment. Try our Signature treatment by adopted the traditional lanna healing wisdom and natural ingredients.

Sanctuary getaway.Customized design package to relax your mind body and spirit. Balancing and develop inner well-being if you appreciate being surrounded by nature.

Our aims to create the community and have our guests the chance to learn and progress by linking them with worldrenowned gurus and teacher.


Holistic Holiday Kaomai Lanna Yoga Studio Daily Yoga and Meditations Class | Spa Menu & Package |  
Experience and treat yourself by spending time pampering at the weekend break to two week hideaway retreat.  


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