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Kaomai Lanna Introduction

The resort is perfect for the true nature lover. Rustic style resort surrounded by a big beautiful tropical garden in Sanpatong, 20 km.drive out from Chiangmai – International airport . Amidst a sprawling garden filled with towering bamboo and palm varieties, leafy fruit trees and wildflowers of all description.

The Kaomai Lanna Resort, features unique rooms converted from the real tobacco curing barns in a Post-Lanna style furnished with the original of antique thai and Burmese-colonial antique furniture.

A community-based resort operates with the principles of environmental and community sustainability. The focus here is also a creative connection between structure, nature and culture.

We are organized about the yoga and wellness programe for group/individual since 2004 , and continue with repeater the yoga group hosting from a week to one months stays with us.

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